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Testimonials For Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake in Baltimore, MD

"Too bad there are only 5 stars. I'd go way higher for this business. Clean, organized, expeditious, personable and reasonable. Referred here by pep Boys due to an exhaust issue. Took the car in at 8 and ready by 2. Chris was incredible nice and communicative through the process. Will definitely go back in the future."
- Kim B.
"If you can find a good independent auto mechanic, that you trust, stick with them." Truer words have never been spoken. I've taken my car to Midatlantic several times over the last 4 years. What can I say? Courteous, professional, informative, trustworthy etc, etc. On one repair, they could have made me buy a special exhaust piece that was $$$. Instead, they asked if I was ok with a fabricated alternative that would do the same job and save me serious money. Yes. I was. On another occasion I had a few questions about a repair I wasn't aware I needed. Instead of a BS answer on the phone, they got the mechanic to thoroughly explain the issue to me. This repair actually fixed another problem that I knew about, but thought to be unrelated. They have always thoroughly covered my repair options and offered a range of parts based on different budgets. Many shops would simply go for the high margin parts without offering alternatives. Other auto shops could learn a few things about customer service, and the loyalty that comes from it from MidAtlantic."
- D.R.
"Absolutely great. Knew exactly what the problem was and fixed it within 15 minutes- for less than 10% of what the dealer had quoted me! Seriously - more than $1000 cheaper! Super friendly, honest, and the waiting room was clean. Just about everything that you could ask for."
- Marc M.
"I am always very apprehensive about the honesty and integrity of auto repair shops. But because of the yelp recs. I thought I'd give it a try. My experience was quite pleasant. Chris was extremely helpful. I came in to get a light bulb replaced. They did not have it in stock, but said he could have it delivered to the shop by the time I got there. I arrive 30 min later and the bulb was replaced in 10 min flat!!! And cost $10 less than what my dealership has charged in the past. In addition, I watched him discount 2 customers because he was honest about the time it took for labor. Thank you for your honesty and good work Mid- Atlantic!"
- T.S.
"1st time. This place is fantastic. Went in early, they welded a new piece of pipe into my exhaust system saving me hundreds of dollars, and I was in and out within 40 minutes. They were super nice and really efficient. I will be going back when I need something else done. Oh and the weld was only $75! Cant beat it! They helped me keep my 12yr old car on the road at a good cost! Thanks!"
- Colin W.
"Straight honest shop in a sea of thieves. Nice to know that places like this still exist. Fixed my problem muffler for cheap. Couple years ago they fixed the one on my wife's car. Nice job. What more can I say?"
- Steve W.
"I went there for a strange sound with my brakes. They were extremely friendly, offered helpful advice over the phone (without any regard to where I took my car), and fixed any minor problem they saw while making the repairs at no cost. In fact, when I had separate troubles several months later, they chalked the costs up to the warranty and told me I wouldn't have to pay anything. Their prices seem about average, but when factoring in their speed, honesty, and help, I'd recommend this place to anyone."
- Richard B.